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Heartland Productions

When I started Taylor Frey Productions, I wanted a fun and different business name, but it ended up being Taylor Frey Productions.

Since then, I’ve dabbled in filming weddings, school videos, church stuff, small business promos, commercials, a TV show, community highlight videos, family history videos, and documentaries. I dabbled in photography too!

I knew from the get go I wanted to promote small business owners, but especially ones in agriculture!

I was born with a love of agriculture. I got my first opportunity to do the videos I wanted to do working with Louisiana Grazing Lands Coalition. I became their Executive Director for four years and they, along with Louisiana USDA-NRCS, gave me an opportunity to produce eight documentaries highlighting Louisiana Ranchers. That led to getting hired by NatGLC last year, which has opened the door for lots of other opportunities I am beyond grateful for!

Five and a half years later I’m proud to say I’m doing business as Heartland Productions, LLC! We focus on telling stories that educate the public, farmers, ranchers and landowners about environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and economic vitality when it comes to agriculture. I was born with a heart for the land and now I get to share that through the work that I do.

These awesome girls along with Sarah, Rachel, and James helped are my co-workers and encouragers! Rebecka, the most talented artist I know, actually designed this logo and I think she knocked it outta the park!!

Check out the link in bio to learn more about Heartland Productions!

If you’d like a sweatshirt, hat, t-shirt, or sticker, let me know! I’ll make one big after I get a few peoples request! You’ll only pay for what it costs to make it.

Sweatshirts are comfort colors: $40

Hats: $14

T-shirt comfort colors: $25

Sticker: $1.00, but if you buy a hat, t-shirt, or sweatshirt I’ll give you a sticker for free!

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